Why Join ALFA?

Member Development

ALFA has a strong collection of individuals who bring a pool of knowledge and skills with them, through their years of experience in their chosen fields.

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The ALFA Network is a network of individuals who are achievers and leaders of their own fields. Read more
Peer to Peer Learning

ALFA members engage in peer to peer knowledge exchange to not just share their own experiences with their peers but also act as sounding boards.

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Recent Events

Promotion of Leadership and Entrepreneurship.

ALFA members are engaged in promoting youth entrepreneurship in India as well as abroad by way of engaging with stakeholders such as the Government, Policy Makers, Think Tanks as well as the upcoming generation of entrepreneurs and businessmen.

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Coming Soon
  • 18th Dec, 2017

    Session with Sister Shivani, Kolkata

    Financial Chronicle
  • 6th Dec, 2017

    Session with HE Craig L Hall, US Consul Genereal in Kolkata

    Financial Chronicle